Heritage Lace®...the look and feel of home.

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Heritage Lace features traditional and schematic patterns for your home.  The beauty and style of each design result from three factors which are part of the process of creating lace.


Made with the Highest Quality Standards. Single-jacquard lace has unique depth and texture, with crisp pattern detail and excellent clarity.  Double-jacquard lace, knitted with more yarn, offers even greater pattern definition with more substantial weight.
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Clipped embroidery lace is the product of another unique innovative process in which the primary lace design is knitted onto a lighter lace field, and then clipped to create the look and feel of hand embroidery.  Boucle is twisted yarn of varying weights that when woven, replicates the look of hand-crochet.

Table Textiles
Mantle & Shelf Scarves
Window Treatments
Wall Decor
Throws & Apparel



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Artfully and Intricately Woven.  Coarse-Guage lace features excellent pattern definition, created by using up to 12 needles per inch in the knitting process.   Fine-Gauge lace, crafted with 13 or more needles per inch, offers the ultimate in beauty and intricate design.  Traditional weight embodies the quality and soft hand long associated with most Heritage Lace patterns.  Heavy weight lace is similar, but with more substance and loft.

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Easy-Care.  Long Life.
Fabric content is 100% easy-care polyester.  Made in USA!

Care: Machine wash warm, gentle.  Do not bleach.  Damp dry only, then lay flat to dry.  Little or no ironing is required.